We are all trying to keep our electric bills to the minimum as electricity is so expensive at the moment and here at Costa Sol Services we are here to help you, by making sure you know how to make the right settings with your air condintioning settings.

Here on the Costa del Sol whilst the days are usually sunny the evenings can get quite chilly. The air conditioning units during the winter use a reverse cycle to the summer months, as rather than sucking up the heat inside your house, they obtain the heat from the outside.

This means that the higher the outside temperature, the more heat the air conditioner generates for free.
We would estimate that you pay for 1 Kw as the air conditioning machine will create an extra 2 Kw from the outside heat.

We recommend that if you are at home during the afternoon you switch it on as you will get more energy for free. As the outside temperatures are higher.

The ideal settings for winter are 22° to 24°. The higher the temperature that you set the AC, the harder it has to work.

These are just a few tips that Costa Sol Services hope you find useful and stop you from shivering this winter and help you to save on your energy bill.