The best settings during the summer on the Costa del Sol for your air conditioning
The topic of conversation on the Costa del Sol at the moment is undoubtedly the price of
electricity in Spain and as the prices soar dramatically it is well worth making sure that you
are cost effective when using your air conditioning.
So what are the best settings to use.
This is obviously also a personal choice but it is not recommended that you use the
coolest settings of 16-18°C., this really is far too cold and will be extremely costly as the
machine will be running on full power continually. During the summer when the
temperatures soar we would suggest that you set the temperature on your unit at 23/ 24°C

and keep it constantly at this temperature.

If you are going to be at home for the hottest part of the day, switch your air conditioning
unit on before the heat of the day starts and leave it on for the whole day and into the night
if necessary. It is not energy efficient to keep turning your machine on and off as you are
consuming a lot of electricity by doing this each time the house cools down and then once
it is off the house will soon heat up again. Keeping a constant temperature will certainly be
more cost effective.
If you are out and about on the beaches on our beautiful Costa del Sol and need the air
conditioning to be working when you get home, we suggest that you programme it so that
it can cool the house before you actually get home perhaps half an hour before. However
the latest air conditioning machines are extremely effective and will reach the ideal
temperature within a very short time period.
Once the nights become cooler take advantate of this by keeping the windows open and
close them before the heat of the day, by closing your blinds and curtains this will also
help prevent the sun from heating up the house.